Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Save A Little... Live A Little

Now that gas prices have developed a downward trend, be it politics or the abundance of supply, save! You can save a lot by trimming a few dimes here and a few dollars there. For example, log your gas purchase at the highest rate you can remember. Reason your daily purchases. Is $5 - $10 a day wise for eating out? Try buying ready to eat meals at a grocery store and take those for lunch. Using the "drive thru" at McDonald's or Wendy's to eat at home? Don't by the pricey sodas. Just think around $1.50 for a soda at McDonald's compared to less than$0.50 at home if you buy soda in bulk as cans or bottles. Think smart, save smart but still enjoy life. I am not saying that you should just stop spending but just reason each impulse buy or daily purchases that you make. Think about it! If you average saving even $3 a day that adds up to $90 a month! Then if you are earning 5.50% interest on it! Hallelujah!

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