Friday, October 13, 2006

Savings & CD Rates

After weeks of slashing rates, this week we see a little improvement. GMAC Bank raised their savings rate from 5.00% to 5.25% and today they raised their CD rates up from 5.30% to 5.40%
GMAC BANK (Min deposit $500):
Term: Rate: APY:

3 months 5.12%

6 months 5.21% 5.35%

9 months
5.21% 5.35%

12 months 5.26% 5.40%

On the other hand World Savings has been slashing their rates. Their 6.01% CD went down to 5.76% a few weeks ago and now that's gone too! Their highest paying CD is 5.61% for a 4 month term only. For their online banking their rates are as follows (Note that they have no 6, 9 or 12+ moth CDs!):

Term APY
3- Month 3.16% APY
4- Month 5.61% APY
5- Month 5.26% APY
5- Year 5.14% APY

Another attractive option at the moment is from Citibank that is still running their 5.50% 6 month CD special with a minimum deposit of $500 and 5.00% e-savings account.

E-Loan is still offering the 5.50% online savings account. Refer to me earlier post regarding the E-Loan account.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another Pinecone Reaserch Link Found!

I stumbled upon another Pinecone research sign up link. Refer to my post on Pinecone under "Making Money Online." Hurry and sign up before they disable the link!

From the Pinecone Website:
"W h a t i s P i n e C o n e R e s e a r c h ?

PineCone Research conducts on-line interviews with consumers from all walks of life to obtain their opinions about new products. To become a panel member, all you need to do is complete the simple form below. This will only take a few minutes of your time.

It's easy and fun to see and evaluate new product ideas in the comfort of your own home AND get paid $5 for your time. Each interview usually takes 15-20 minutes of your time. Plus, you are free to leave the panel at any time should you choose to do so.

We will occasionally ask some questions about your household in order to match the appropriate questionnaires to you. This usually includes just 3 or 4 questions and is brief. These questions are uncompensated. "

Think You Got A Good Deal?

It is interesting to note how people run to the store as soon as they hear there is some big sale going on. But is the sale really worth it? Not most of the time!
CASE-IN-POINT: JCPENNY like they always do has another sale going on this weekend, the main attraction buy one get the second for $0.88! You might think "WOW! it's like getting one free!" NO! If you have ever noticed how in a normal shopping day when there are no sales the prices are set below the sticker price but as soon as a sale like this or 20% off is announced the base sale price is the maximum for each product i.e. the one printed on the tag. EXAMPLE: There are graphic tees that sell for $8.50 - $9.00 any given day but for this sale the price for the tee was $18! Lets do some math:
$8.50 * 2 = $17.00 <-- Not on Sale
$18.00 + $0.88 = $18.88 <-- On Sale
Get the picture? Let me point out that no not every item is like that. There actually might be something that you get cheaper but the majority or or popular items are priced the way I have my example set up. So next time when you think about going shopping just because o fa sale, pay close attention.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

American Consumer Opinion

I have mentioned about taking paid surveys and testing products. The best so far in my opinion has been ACO - American Consumer Opinion. Their surveys are short and interesting. So far their surveys have not taken me as long as other survey sites. They pay a decent amount. My surveys have ranged from $4- $8 so far. A few extra bucks has never hurt anyone. If you have questions about my experience with ACO or comments please feel free to email me. Sign up below and give it a shot!

Click Here: Sign Up for ACO

*If you would like you can enter my email as your referrer

Sign Up Link for American Consumer Opinion

Bank of America Customer Referral Bonus Extended

Extended or re-introduced the Bank of America customer referrals are an easy few bucks in your pocket. The last promotion expired on 9/27 but I just found out that the same promotion offer extended until 1/24/07 ! The basic gist:

  • You get $25 and the person you refer can get up to $35 ($25 for opening a checking and $10 for a savings) after 90 days of account opening.
  • You get $10 and the student you refer can get up to $20 ($10 for student checking (fee free for 5 years) & $10 for a student credit card) after 90 days of account opening.
  • You get $50 and the person you refer can get up to $220 ($50 for opening a business checking and the rest for other products refer to the link below) after 90 days of account opening.
Here is the link for the promotion CLICK HERE. This offer can be redeemed online and at the banking center. I would take a copy of the offer with me to the banking center. Normally they deposit the bonus into the new customers account and send a check to the referrer.

Monday, October 09, 2006

October Earnings and Expense Estimation

October is going to be a tricky month for me. I will have an added expense of $200 a month in living expenses. A lot of birthdays! So my expenses are going to be around $800 more than last month which is going to hurt me (damn those expensive presents...but it's worth every penny to see the look on the faces of people you love when they open your gift). Keeping this in perspective I am not going to eat out at all this month, or at least try not to. I am going to do more of the extra activities such as surveys and mystery shops. I would estimate about $120 from surveys and mystery shops alone. This month most of my mystery shops are very entertaining and interesting so it should be fun. I hope everyone looks for the best deal be it for clothes, furniture or anything else. Since, I have been doing a lot of shopping this month, I have hunted for a lot of coupons and deals and might I say I have saved over $300 using those promotions. I have used 15% off to 40% off, free shipping, rewards etc. I think I will write an individual post on how to find the best deals and coupons before you purchase anything, and I mean anything.

For more information or if you have any questions about which service provider to sign up with for surveys and mystery shops just contact me.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Money, Money, Money, Money...MONEY!

It might be obvious that I am always looking for a way to make more money. And though it seems a bit tedious I keep on trying. As mentioned before, I recently started mystery shopping and taking online surveys which has led to a substantial jump in my earning. I was browsing inbox dollars a week ago and signed up for another survey site that paid $1.00 to join. Thinking $1 isn't too bad to just sign up. I got three emails over the course of the week. The first one i deleted without even reading it assuming this survey site was not worth my time. However, out of boredom I opened the other two and took the initial survey to see if I qualified. And I did! Best of all, this particular survey sent me products to try. For each product I get $4 to try and take a small survey online at the end of the week. I have gotten 3 products that equates to $4 x 3 = $12 and free stuff! I have to say that I regret not starting all of this sooner. So much time wasted just surfing the web for nothing. If you want to know what survey site I am referring to, then email me at

(Unfortunately I can not disclose any information on the products or the survey).