Thursday, October 12, 2006

Think You Got A Good Deal?

It is interesting to note how people run to the store as soon as they hear there is some big sale going on. But is the sale really worth it? Not most of the time!
CASE-IN-POINT: JCPENNY like they always do has another sale going on this weekend, the main attraction buy one get the second for $0.88! You might think "WOW! it's like getting one free!" NO! If you have ever noticed how in a normal shopping day when there are no sales the prices are set below the sticker price but as soon as a sale like this or 20% off is announced the base sale price is the maximum for each product i.e. the one printed on the tag. EXAMPLE: There are graphic tees that sell for $8.50 - $9.00 any given day but for this sale the price for the tee was $18! Lets do some math:
$8.50 * 2 = $17.00 <-- Not on Sale
$18.00 + $0.88 = $18.88 <-- On Sale
Get the picture? Let me point out that no not every item is like that. There actually might be something that you get cheaper but the majority or or popular items are priced the way I have my example set up. So next time when you think about going shopping just because o fa sale, pay close attention.

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