Monday, October 09, 2006

October Earnings and Expense Estimation

October is going to be a tricky month for me. I will have an added expense of $200 a month in living expenses. A lot of birthdays! So my expenses are going to be around $800 more than last month which is going to hurt me (damn those expensive presents...but it's worth every penny to see the look on the faces of people you love when they open your gift). Keeping this in perspective I am not going to eat out at all this month, or at least try not to. I am going to do more of the extra activities such as surveys and mystery shops. I would estimate about $120 from surveys and mystery shops alone. This month most of my mystery shops are very entertaining and interesting so it should be fun. I hope everyone looks for the best deal be it for clothes, furniture or anything else. Since, I have been doing a lot of shopping this month, I have hunted for a lot of coupons and deals and might I say I have saved over $300 using those promotions. I have used 15% off to 40% off, free shipping, rewards etc. I think I will write an individual post on how to find the best deals and coupons before you purchase anything, and I mean anything.

For more information or if you have any questions about which service provider to sign up with for surveys and mystery shops just contact me.

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