Friday, December 01, 2006

Online Savings Accounts Rates Change

Today, GMAC Bank's savings rate changed from 5.30% to 5.25%. Their CD rates fell as well. ING Direct savings accounts had a little change from 4.40% o 4.50%. They are now sending invitation for their checking accounts. More details to follow tonight.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thinking of Buying A Gift Card This Holiday Season?

Many people will purchase gift cards this holiday season. Why not make a few bonus points on your credit card for that? There are certain credit cards that offer double to 5 points for purchases made at grocery stores, drugstores and gas stations. So when you go out to purchase gift cards remember to use the right card!

I personally buy gift cards whenever I have to go shop somewhere. For example, if I want to buying something from Home Depot, I buy the appropriate amount gift card from a local grocery store thus earning 5 points on my credit card rather than the 1 point I would have earned had I used the credit card for the purchase. Keep in mind, if you end up returning the item, you will be stuck with a gift card or store credit.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Citibank Credit Cards Thank You Network

Citibank's Thank You Network has a special holiday pricing going on right now! From Nov 2 - Dec 28 2006 you can get certain gift cards for less points. This is a pretty cool deal! Here are the details from their website:

Gift cards can be shipped in as few as 3 business days*.

Banana Republic – $50

Crabtree & Evelyn® – $50 $100
Eddie Bauer® – $50 $100
Gap – $50 $100
Lands' End® – $50 $100
L.L. Bean – $50 $100
Macy’s – $50 $100
Pier 1 Imports® – $50 $100
Spa Finder® –
The Sharper Image® – $50 $100

Avis® – $50 $100
Carnival Cruise Lines –
Marriott® Cheque – $50 $100 $200
Ritz-Carlton® Currency – $50 $100 $200
Royal Caribbean® International –

Bennigan's® – $50

Legal Sea Foods – $50 $100
Omaha Steaks® – $50 $100

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ti's The Season To Go Broke!

Ti's The Season To Go Broke!

As the holiday season approaches, many will feel the pinch in their pockets. Follow these few steps and you might come out alive this new years. Budget, budget, budget! Now is the time to make a budget for your giftivity if you will. First, make a list of the people whom you wish to give gifts this season. Categorize them and give each person a price limit. Check to see if you can get away without actually buying something expensive. Do not try to get into "showing off" or out doing the other. This will only end in disaster. It is okay to get an expensive gift and in return give a gift of nominal value. Remember its the thought that counts. Here are a few ideas:
1. Shop big sales, look for coupons and cash back.
2. DVDs are a sure bet this season.
3. Home made gifts are great. Don't feel "cheap" or try to buy something else to go with it.
4. Gift cards though an easy way out, might not be the best bet unless you are strapped for time.
5. Buy things in bulk and make your own gift packages/baskets and personalize them. (Dollar Store, Costco, etc)

Work Work Work

I have not devoted as much time to this blog as I would have liked to these past few weeks. I have been a working hard! There are times when you give up hope, or just get lost in the hustle and flow of the world but there are also times like these where you learn to live again. As you know, I am working and in school, it is hard to focus on just on anything, let alone have time for yourself. As my friends start graduating, starting jobs or begin their Masters degrees, I feel left behind. Sure, this was my choice to take the slow track for my education while I work, but still it feel weird. But then again, I do feel proud of what I have accomplished. I have been working hard, been promoted, recognized and appreciated in my work place. I am currently working hard to yet again get another promotion that will officially take me into higher management. Within one short year I started at rock bottom and am on my way to greatness (I don't want to sound cheesy).
So what have I done different from my fellow coworkers?
Simple, I stood out. I have implemented my ideas and if successful I brought it to attention of the right people. I have been very proactive, positive and "helpful." You can only depend on yourself. You are the one who has to make things happen. Do not feel embarrassed or shy to bring attention to your efforts.