Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cleaning Up A Big Mess

Let me ask you a few questions:

  1. Have you ever bought anything that came with a mail in rebate? Did you mail it in? Did you keep track? And Finally did you receive it? If not, did you fight it and receive it then?
  2. Has any online business ever con you out of money, or charged you outrageous fees? Were you refunded?
  3. Have you ever had trouble with a retail store, shop or business where you think you were taken advantage off? Did you fight it and get whatever it was (money, goods, service, etc) ?
If you can relate to any of the above let me tell you, you are not alone. I have had many problems with many businesses, websites, rebates etc. However, I have managed to get everything resolved be it a rebate check or a service charge refund. I am going to share my strategy with you, using real life examples.

Chaotic Mess # 1: Acomdata Rebate for an External Hard Drive - $30.00
I bought the hard drive during a promotion at CompUsa. I am responsible with rebates, I complete them, make a copy and log them in an excel file with the date and amount to keep track. I mail them out and wait. If the rebate is not received within the given time frame I contact the merchant to check on the status. I sent the rebate and after the time frame I contacted Acomdata via their customer service number and was told to wait another 3 weeks as it was in process. Given I was not in a hurry, I reluctantly accepted. Still no rebate, I called them again and was told they never got my rebate! Frustrated I emailed them and was told to email then a copy of everything and a picture of the hard drive. I did that. Still no rebate, I had an exchange of about 7 emails after that they stooped replying. I sent 1 email a day for a week and got no reply. Pissed! I resorted to my last option, which now come to think should have been my first option! I filed a complaint at the Better Business Bureau online (it took only 2 mins) and one with the FTC. Results? Within 2 weeks I had the check in my hand and an apology from Acomdata!

I can share a lot more things, but I guess you can get the picture. Remember you have rights, and you should not give up! It does not take too much effort all this can be done online within minutes. Follow these simple steps:
  • Contact the merchant and keep a copy of the email.
  • If you feel no resolution will be reached, file a complaint with the BBB
  • File a complaint with the FTC.
***Currently I am having an issue with PayPal. I will let you know how that goes. FYI read reviews about PayPal online. I would not trsut them with my money!***

Get the Best Deal

Buying books, furniture, jewelry, or anything else? Online or in a retail store? Are you getting the best deal?

If you put in a little time or effort in to finding coupons and codes you might end up with a huge discount on your purchase. For example, this semester my books if bought new at the bookstore would cost me $675 and if bought used cost me $485. Expensive? YES!
How much did I pay for all my books?
A mere $235! How? I searched for the best deal! I looked for used books online and especially international versions of the book (i.e. usually they are just soft covers but everything else is the same). I searched on Google, Amazon, eBay and ended up with the lowest prices and good condition of books.

This is not online for books, but clothes, phones, furniture, essentially whatever! To search for a discount just use a phrase like "Target coupon" in Yahoo! or Google and you will end up with numerous codes and coupons to use like Free Shipping, 10% off, 20% off etc. SO next time you shop try to invest some time in finding the best deal.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Gas Prices Drop Across The Board

As gas prices drop it might be a good idea to scout for the lowest gas price in your area and try to save a few bucks. With gas prices outrageously high this summer it is time to make up for the the difference. Economists claim that in a few years gas prices may go as low as $1.15 a gallon! I look for gas prices around the areas I am during the week. Prices differences? $2.60 where I live, $2.81 where I work and $2.35 near my school! Something to think about....

Find the lowest gas prices in your area at Gas Buddy

Thursday, September 21, 2006

World Savings 6.01% CD Long Gone!

The prime rate was untouched and now we can see its effects. CD rates have been dropping every week. World Savings 6.01% 15 Month CD has expired after a fairly short run. They are now offering a 5.76% 13 Month CD. They do have an in-branch special only for the 6.01% CD for more information on that contact your local branch. Their website:

So if you need to park some of your money it might be the best time to find a good deal and lock in a great rate. If you come across some stellar rates please let me know!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Refer a friend deals

Many places now offer a refer a friend bonus from online survey sites, rebate sites to banks. One very good deal is going on at Bank of America where you get $25 for referring someone to checking account and $10 for referring a student checking account. The person opening the account can get up to $50. This deal is good for you if you have friends looking to open accounts because you can make a lot of money! I received an email from "GimmeMoreMoney" who informed me that in a period of less than two months he has made $275 from Bank of America by referring people. Not a bad deal!
Information Link: "Click Here"

Things to note: If you do in fact refer someone make sure you give them your name and address. Your account number is not necessary. On the website it says offer expires 9/27/06 so hurry!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bye, Bye High CD Rates!

As the rates keep falling on short and long term CD's nationwide, World Savings Bank's 15 month 6.01% is long gone. They now have a 5.76% APY 13-month CD promotion on a $10,000 minimum deposit. Given the state of US economy it does not look like the Feds will be having rate hikes any time soon and we should continue to see a drop in interest rates. If you find a good rate, lock it in. Another short term CD is by Citibank at 5.50% APY for 6 months with a minimum deposit of $500.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

T-Bills Rates Dropping

I have been investing in 28-day and 4-week T-Bills this year since their yields were great with the added advantage of exemption of state and local taxes on the interest. I had developed a weekly 28-day T-Bill ladder and a monthly 4-week T-Bill ladder. Even though the rates have dropped in the past few weeks they are still an attractive investment option especially for those with high State taxes. Investing in T-Bills is very simple. In a short version, visit the Treasury Direct website and open a free account. Depending on your account verification, they will require you to get a bank official to notarize a document verifying your identity. Once set up you can link any account and use it to fund your investment choices. To buy a T-Bill you need to place an order before Tuesday. Every Tuesday they announce the T-Bills rates and on Thursdays they issue the T-Bills. They can be bought in increments of $1000. You can reinvest them without loosing any interest. If you want me to post or email you a detailed step by step procedure please email me at
To see T-Bills rates etc click on the links below:
Treasury Direct Website
T-Bills Rates