Saturday, September 23, 2006

Get the Best Deal

Buying books, furniture, jewelry, or anything else? Online or in a retail store? Are you getting the best deal?

If you put in a little time or effort in to finding coupons and codes you might end up with a huge discount on your purchase. For example, this semester my books if bought new at the bookstore would cost me $675 and if bought used cost me $485. Expensive? YES!
How much did I pay for all my books?
A mere $235! How? I searched for the best deal! I looked for used books online and especially international versions of the book (i.e. usually they are just soft covers but everything else is the same). I searched on Google, Amazon, eBay and ended up with the lowest prices and good condition of books.

This is not online for books, but clothes, phones, furniture, essentially whatever! To search for a discount just use a phrase like "Target coupon" in Yahoo! or Google and you will end up with numerous codes and coupons to use like Free Shipping, 10% off, 20% off etc. SO next time you shop try to invest some time in finding the best deal.

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