Sunday, September 17, 2006

T-Bills Rates Dropping

I have been investing in 28-day and 4-week T-Bills this year since their yields were great with the added advantage of exemption of state and local taxes on the interest. I had developed a weekly 28-day T-Bill ladder and a monthly 4-week T-Bill ladder. Even though the rates have dropped in the past few weeks they are still an attractive investment option especially for those with high State taxes. Investing in T-Bills is very simple. In a short version, visit the Treasury Direct website and open a free account. Depending on your account verification, they will require you to get a bank official to notarize a document verifying your identity. Once set up you can link any account and use it to fund your investment choices. To buy a T-Bill you need to place an order before Tuesday. Every Tuesday they announce the T-Bills rates and on Thursdays they issue the T-Bills. They can be bought in increments of $1000. You can reinvest them without loosing any interest. If you want me to post or email you a detailed step by step procedure please email me at
To see T-Bills rates etc click on the links below:
Treasury Direct Website
T-Bills Rates

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