Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Financial Snapshot: Net Worth Update October '06

This time around I did a better job of calculating my net worth. Last time I did not include some of the amounts by mistake thus you'll notice a sudden jump in my net worth. Hopefully from next month I will have a more uniform way of calculating and demonstrating my net worth and the increase or decrease in that amount.

Here is my % to goal illustration:


Laura said...

I was wondering what "banking" meant? Have you like put money in like CD or savings or what? I don't have much but I have started to save a penny here and a dollar there. I also signed up for the inbox dollars and got some money from there. I want to know if there are placed for good cd rates for people like me. i dont have much savings so i cant meet the 10k min most cds have.

ThinkSmart said...

Laura there are many options for you. There are many banks that offer low min balance requirments for CD's for example Citibank's 6 month CD is at 5.25% with a min of $500. Why don't you look into an online savings account so you have liquidity of funds and a high interest rate. Citibank at 5%, HSBC Direct at 5.05%, GMAC bank 5.25% and Eloan at 5.5%.