Monday, December 25, 2006

AmTrust Direct CD Rates

AmTrust Direct's e-money market account is currently paying 5.30% and their CD rates are not that bad either.
Minimum deposit to open and earn interest: $1,000.00
Compound frequency: Daily

CD TermInterest RateAPY
6 MONTH PROMO CD5.317%5.46%
9 MONTH PROMO CD5.270%5.41%
12 MONTH PROMO CD5.270%5.41%
18 MONTH PROMO CD5.023%5.15%
24-MONTH PROMO CD4.927%5.05%
30 MONTH PROMO CD4.927%5.05%
36-MONTH PROMO CD4.880%5.00%
60 MONTH PROMO CD4.975%5.10%

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