Thursday, October 19, 2006

AmTrust Direct CD Rates

I have never used AmTrust but they have very attractive CD rates with low minimums. The highest yield is in the 12 month CD with the 5.71% APY this might be a good option for those who are looking to lock in a good rate. Even their long term CDs have much better rates that other banks. AmTrust Direct is FDIC insured. I am going to look into this any maybe put away some money for a while.

Certificates of Deposit Rates (Copied from the AmTrust Website)

Interest RateAPYCD TermCompound FrequencyMin. to Open
6 Month Promo CD5.459%5.61%6 monthsDaily$1,000.00
9 Month Promo CD5.450%5.60%9 monthsDaily$1,000.00
12 Month Promo CD5.554%5.71%12 monthsDaily$1,000.00
18 Month Promo CD5.402%5.55%18 monthsDaily$1,000.00
24 Month Promo CD5.364%5.51%24 monthsDaily$1,000.00
30 Month Promo CD5.317%5.46%30 monthsDaily$1,000.00
36 Month Promo CD5.289%5.43%36 monthsDaily$1,000.00
60 Month Promo CD5.317%5.46%60 monthsDaily$1,000.00

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