Monday, December 04, 2006

Are Gift Cards Worth It?

More and more people now give out gift cards as holiday gifts. May it be that the person you are shopping for is very picky, very hard to shop for or that you are just crunched for time. But are gift cards worth it? In my opinion, not most of the time. Rather than churning up a story let me list some of the problems I see.

  1. Might expire and or charge monthly, yearly or dormant fees.
  2. A person is restricted to use the card at a particular place.
  3. If lost or stolen can be hard and or costly to replace.
  4. People forget to use them at times.
These are just some of the cons. And guess who profits? The company you bought the card from. I for one do not feel like throwing away money like this. So what should you do instead? Now personally if you are going to give some one a gift card, give the person cash or a check. Why? It's the same amount you would have spent on the gift card or maybe cheaper given some card issuers like American Express charge a fee. Feel bad about just giving cash? Many banks have fancy holiday cash envelopes, utilize those. Be creative and get like $2 bills or something. Just saying that in my opinion it is better to give out hard cash or check in a fancy way than giving plastic.

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Anonymous said...

Damn straight! I usually buy a little inexpensive gift and a card and put a check inside it. People love it and this way I know the money did not go to waste.