Sunday, December 03, 2006

Net Worth Update: Financial Snapshot Dec 1st

This month went surprisingly well. The reason I have over $3,000 increase in my net worth is because of a bonus I got at work. But still this is huge for me! I did loose about $450 in the stock market. I cashed out a few stocks. I got checks from my mystery shops and surveys that I had done a month before that were around $200 so that was great. Now that the holiday season is here and I have a long list of friends and family to buy gifts for I am sure to make a dent in my savings. But I will try to be a little conservative on my spending. Then again, "it's the thought that counts!" Given the recent fall in CD rates I am looking desperately for a good long term CD to park some of my cash. I am also working hard towards getting another promotion at work that should give me at least a $7,000 jump in my salary. I hope! They are so stingy. I don't know whats with this companies nowadays, they make billions and can't even pay their employees appropriately. Back to saving a little more each day!

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