Wednesday, September 13, 2006

$$$ Bank Bonuses $$$

I got some mail from Bank of America offering me money to open an account and then I came across some online. Here are some of the offers that just might be worth your time! Two things to mention if you are looking to bank with BoA, they have online specialists that you can chat with before you open an account and they have only customer service for customers. One negative might be that they have no completely free checking account, except for the Student Checking account which is free for 5 years.

Offer # 1:
Get up to $125 for opening a checking account and savings account. This offer seems to be for people who already have some sort of account with Bank of America. I signed up last month with this offer and confirmed with the Customer Service online that my offer is valid. Be sure to use the offer code to get your bonus. Offer expires 12/31/2006
To see offer details click OFFER # 1

Offer # 2
Get $100 to open a My Access Checking account which is free with direct deposit. Anyone can apply. Offer expires 12/31/2006
To see offer details click OFFER # 2

Note: I asked the CSR's and they informed me that there is hard pull on your credit when you first open an account. But if you are an existing customer, there is no hard pull rather a soft pull that does not affect your credit. Please ask a CSR to confirm this.

**Picture of cash found online.

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