Monday, September 11, 2006

Prime Rate Prediction and CD rates

It seems like the Feds are done for rate hikes for the year. So, this might be the best time to park some of your cash in a high yield CD. The rates have been dropping across the board from the 6% to the low 5%'s now and they might continue to drop.
There are a few good deals out there depending on where you live. A few available to most are from the World Savings Bank that have a 15 month CD for 6.01% APY with a minimum deposit of $10,000 and it has to be "new" money i.e. from outside the bank. Another good one is the Citibank 6 month CD at 5.50% APY and 6.00% in Texas.

So if you are looking to lock in a great rate now is the time. At least that's what I think. If you want rates in the upper 6% to 8% look at your local credit unions as many have very high yields on their CD's and deposit shares.

If you find some good deals please let me know!

Some banks like GMAC is offering CD's up to 5.40% and INGDIRECT up to 5.20%

For a detailed account of the prime rate prediction visit the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate Blog

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