Sunday, September 10, 2006

"Get Paid to take an Online Survey? Are you for real?"

I got an email today in which part of it read, "Get Paid to take an Online Survey? Are you for real? " and the answer is yes. There are many survey sites and you can probably google and find tons and tons of them but be careful! Apart from fraudulent websites, there are some that might not be worth your time.

Look for survey sites that pay per survey and not the ones that enter you in a free drawing, odds of one wining that drawing are slim besides I feel like they are a waste of time. I deal mostly with two survey websites.

My favorite survey website is the Pinecone Research as it sends a flat rate of $5 per survey. A check is sent within 3 - 5 days.
How can I join? Look for a banner. They do not offer members to send invitations nor do they have a sign up page on their website: They have limited slots and you have to look for them as they advertise via banners on websites. If I find one, I will provide the link here.

Secondly, I use surveysavvy, they offer from $1 to $10 for any given survey. They send a screener survey to see if you qualify. You can request the payment in the form of a check through their website. To join or get more information click on the image.

Whatever I earn through these surveys goes directly into a high yield savings account like HSBCDIRECT, Citibank e-savings, GMAC bank, or INGDIRECT(Their rates are low at this point) and I also invest in T-bills to avoid state and local taxes. Those are very hot options right now. I will provide a detailed account on online savings accounts and T-bills in future posts.

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Yogi Bear said...

I tried them but I hardly ever qualified for their survey. I just dont fit their demographics :( No picnic basket for me at surveysavvy!